Frequently Asked Questions and Notes

This section provides answers to common questions about the MVS as well as provides notes on changes.

Q: Can I reserve/pre-register a domain name in the new ZACR gTLDs?

A: Reservation or pre-registration of a domain name prior to the launch of any of the new ZACR gTLDs is not possible.

The concept of reservation is a common practice amongst Registrars whereby a "best-effort" is applied in order to obtain the domain name when the namespace launches.

Any application submitted during any of the DotCities and DotAfrica Sunrise phase must have a corresponding validation token (SMD) in order to obtain the highest possible priority allocation.

If an applicant wants to secure the best possible claim to a domain name application during the launch, it must be associated with a pre-validated trade mark in either the TMCH or MVS. Without this a claim to the corresponding domain name is relegated to lesser priority status. The official way in which you can best secure your rights to a name in the new ZACR gTLD namespace would be through the pre-validation of a registered mark.


Q: What is Evidence of Use and how can it be proven?

A: Evidence of Use is a prerequisite for the MVS and requires 2 items:

  • A Signed Declaration of Use document

  • Sample proof of use

A sample of proof of use must be submitted in a document as a URL Link or photographic submission. The digital proof of use can be one of the following:

  • ´╗┐Advertising and marketing materials

  • Brochures, pamphlets, catalogs

  • Product manuals, displays or signage, press releases

  • Screen shots or social media marketing materials


Q: Can I checkout an incomplete mark?

A: No

Supported Domains

  • .africa
  • .joburg
  • .durban
  • .capetown
  • zacr