Fees Overview

Mark Validation and Watch Services Fee


ZAR 800 (Eight Hundred South African Rands) per year

  • Validation of the provided mark
  • Watch Services for 1 year, activated only from the launch of the first TLD
  • Up to 10 strings or variants
  • Renewable annually for ZAR 100 (One Hundred South African Rands)
  • Includes Sunrise, Claims and Watch Services

Additional Watch Services Fee


ZAR 100 (One Hundred South African Rands) per bundle per year

  • 10 Variants per bundle
  • Renewable annually
  • Includes Claims Service

Payment Methods

MVS uses a customized cart system to handle the checkout and payment of items. All added items will go to the account holder's cart and will be available for checkout. Items that are not to be checked out can be removed from the cart for checkout at a later stage.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer: Using EFT will allow you to have a pre-paid balance with the MVS. At Checkout, the balance may be used for payment
  • Credit Card: A secure credit card payment system is provided by the MVS
  • Credit: If required, the MVS administrator may provision credit which will be included as part of the pre-paid balance

Supported Domains

  • .africa
  • .joburg
  • .durban
  • .capetown
  • zacr